Retirement Boarding

We offer pasture retirement or lay-up services for horses who may no longer be ride-able, or need to be kept in a safe happy environment while not in use for any reason. owners are encouraged to visit their equines as often as they want, but can rest secure in the knowledge that all of their horse’s needs are being met.

  • Base rate for community pasture boarding is $225
    • this includes hay feeding as needed
  • Base rates for semi-private pasture is $250
    • this includes 2x a day feeding of quality hay
    • up to 2-3 other horses will share the pasture
  • Base rates for large paddock with shelter or stall with large run is $270
    • this includes 2x a day feeding and daily paddock cleaning
    • we are happy to install bedding provided by owner as needed
    • we are happy to feed supplements and medication as needed

Additional Services can be arranged and added as needed with no requirement for the owner to be present. These services include the following:

  • Shoeing / Trimming* (no rear shoes on pasture horses)
  • Routine Veterinary Care*, Vaccinations*
  • Dental Clinics*
  • Worming
  • Psyllium Therapy
  • Bodywork* / Chiropractic Care* / Massage Therapy*
  • General Maintenance – Fly spray, grooming, bathing, etc.
  • Medication and graining
  • *Payment for services will be due at the time the service is provided. Payment is made to the practitioner rather than the facility.

Owner-operator Kelly Godwin has 18 years of experience handling and caring for equines. She is passionate about senior nutrition and has a background in managing metabolic disorders in equines. Kelly owned and managed a 60-stall barn prior to opening Shadow Oaks Equestrian Center in Ione, CA. We are happy to provide you with references for our services at your request.